What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a blue gemstone almost invariably veined with white streaks or markings. Its ideal colour is an intense blue, and it comes in all shades of blue from light blue to deep royal-blue, and from grayish-blue to violet. Different shades of blue will often be present in a single gemstone. Sodalite is an opaque gemstone, though it is slightly translucent on thin edges.

Sodalite is not a prevalent gemstone, and suitable material only comes from a handful of localities. Despite this, Sodalite is a fairly inexpensive and obtainable. It is very similar to the more popular Lapis Lazuli, and may be used as a substitute for that more valuable gemstone. 

Sodalite can be strongly fluorescent, often fluorescing bright orange to red, or cream. It may also be tenebrescent, in that its colour will deepen upon exposure to ultraviolet light. This is especially true of the purple variety Hackmanite.

Sodalite is a minor gemstone and usually faceted into beads for necklaces and bracelets, with individual beads usually large in size. Tumbled rough Sodalite is also strung and used in jewellery. Sodalite is also used for ornamental carvings such as animal carvings and small statues.

Sodalite is natural and not treated or enhanced.

The primary workable Sodalite deposits are in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, and Canada (Ontario and British Columbia).

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