Posted by That Jewellery Store on 26th Nov 2017

Why Silver?

Today That Jewellery Store opens its (online) doors for everyone!

We invite you to browse our vast range of sterling silver jewellery (which will be constantly updated to include new fascinating and on-trend designs).

Why have we chosen to offer sterling silver jewellery? Well, the answer is simple. Silver is a remarkable precious metal that has been shaping our world for many centuries.

Silver mining began around 3,000 BC in Turkey and Greece.

Ancient Egyptians valued silver higher than gold due to its rarity in the region.

Around 775 AD the Saxon kingdoms of Britain started issuing silver coins known as "sterlings" (originally was "easterling"), using a pound of silver in 240 coins. The currency of the UK is still know as "British Pounds Sterling" today. 

In 17th century Holland became a world trade power with its own currency called leewendaalder and used “daalder” for short (developed from Bohemian “Joachimsthaler”, or just “thaler”). When the Dutch founded the town of New Amsterdam (now New York), they took their daalder with them and it became the most popular trading currency in Manhattan. Locals called this currency DOLLAR.

The photography industry used to be a powerhouse in silver consumption due to its importance in film development.

These days silver is used in jewellery manufacturing, silverware (plates and cutlery), medicine, mirrors and glass, soldering, solar energy, electronics as well as an investment option.