2 CZ Midi Ring

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Boost your favourite casual outfits with this contemporary silver open midi ring that is bound to attract attention no matter where you go.

This popular and attractive midi ring makes a really excellent gift that you can use to surprise your friends or family.

The jewellery is crafted of fine 925 sterling silver and showcases a beautifully polished finish.


Material: 925 Sterling Silver (E-Coat*) decorated with finest quality Cubic Zirconia 

Size: US3.5; inner diameter is approx. 15mm

Each gem measures approx. 3mm

This ring has "925" hallmark on the inside.


*E-coating, also known as electro-coating or electro deposition, is a method that uses electrical current to coat the metal surface with an organic lacquer, covering every nook and cranny on the jewellery with an even and consistent protective coat.

This coating protects the sterling silver from tarnishing for an extended period.

E-coated jewellery has a warmer tone than rhodium plated silver and let the natural beauty of the sterling silver come through.